After achieving a one-of-a-kind food menu, we decided to explore more innovative ideas for wines and cocktails. For the latter we came up with very revolutionary ideas. From the most traditional to the latest trendy, our cocktails are available also outside of the classic dinner hours. Combined with our food proposal, it forms our idea of a aperitivo, where the customer has complete freedom of choice.

We offer an innovative formula, including also some non-alcoholic, available in different versions to please the most demanding customers.

Farmology represents the real drink revolution. It is a “concept within the concept”, where the superior versions are certainly worthy of attention. Made with increasingly higher quality raw materials, they range from “Standard” version to “Toscanissimi” and “Premium”, which is the top of the range.

Our wine offer is absolutely top quality: red and white wine, Italian prosecco and prestigious champagnes make up an assorted list ranging from the best-known brands to almost collectors’ items, some of them also available in Medium or Large glasses.

Beer lovers have also been catered for. Foody Farm has chosen both bottled and draught beers from some Italian craft breweries.

Part one

Foody Farm completes its Drink (R)evolution and proposes a third Way of Drinking adding a player to competition that has long existed between the schools of Flair and that of Mixology. It is called Farmology, the alternative to two different ways of making drinks. An innovative process, that took many months to develop.
Pre Mixing – Ingredients are mixed and dosed according to international standards before the cocktail is ready to be served.
Glass Aging – The cocktail pre-mix is kept in the fridge for a short but intense refinement in glass, that enhance the flavor of the drink.
Ice Action – The pre-mixed cocktail is served at a very low temperature, between 3° and 6°C, depending on the preparation. The taste remains full and those who drink it can take longer to taste it, because ice melts much more slowly.
Presentation – The drink arrives at the table in a precious vintage looking bottle with a decorated glass containing ice.
With Farmology, the search for the “perfect cocktail”, if it exist indeed, has probably taken an important step towards the future.

Part two



Standard, i Toscanissimi and Premium are the classes that indicate that cocktails made “on demand”, catering for guests who want something more than the ordinary, or who simply love a particular liqueur.
Preparation formulas are the same, as indicated by the IBA, the well-known International Bartenders Association, while the ingredients quality increases exponentially.
There is a wide array of choices between non-alcoholic and a selection of fruit and vegetables extracts.
It is possible to transform a classic Spritz into a “gourmet” drink when using prestigious champagne.



Our wine list is quite extensive and varied, so that you can choose among a wide spectrum of wines ranging from the most casual ones that suit every occasion to the real gems of our wine cellar –well-aged wines with renowned labels. Some of them are also served by the glass (in two different sizes!). We can also please the most demanding palates with our award-winning wines, i.e. those that have been recognized by the best national and international wine guides. Our prestigious brands of Italian prosecco and champagne are in pole position. According to the latest market trends, the Italian bubbles are the best sold wine all over the world.



“Un panino, una birra e poi…” (Just a sandwich and a beer, and then…) read the lyrics of a popular Italian song. The lovers of this cereal-based beverage will definitely enjoy it better together with a hamburger or any street food dish.

Pale ale, red, stout, and much more! Beer has offered for a long time now the possibility to enjoy the widest range of flavours -soft, full-bodied, crispy, fruity are only some of the variants of the Italian craft beer that Foody Farm offers to our beer-lovers. We serve draft beer, in both medium and large sizes, and bottled beer.

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Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2017 PB s.r.l. – P.IVA 01900760479 – PrivacyCookie – Foody Farm is a trademark of the property