Foody Farm’s distinctiveness is represented by the absence of a traditional cooking format that includes starters plus first and second courses.

Foody Farm has put together its own concept of “creative patchwork”, even in the field of catering. Those who go out somewhere for dinner or a quick meal should feel free to adapt the menu to their needs, always finding the same quality.

The dishes are divided into macro categories (from the vegetable garden, in and around the barn, the pasture, the farmyard…). Within these are sections dedicated to Fast Food and Street Food, offering sandwiches ennobled by vegetables and sauces, and served with fries. For those who do not like meat, Foody Farm has prepared a vegetarian menu (all food from the vegetable garden plus many pastas and cheeses). Moreover, there is a selection of dishes reserved for those who are gluten-intolerant.



For its dishes, Foody Farm selected the best beef on the market, offering four different types: Chianina, Abetone Pezzata Rossa, Maremma, and Mugello. All four maintain their delicious flavor, either cooked or raw, thanks to their place of origin.

With these high-quality products, Foody Farm has created new recipes. They include a sushi version of Chianina lampredotto (made from the fourth and final stomach of a cow); a sandwich with sausage; and a Abetone’s Pezzata Rossa beef burger, with onions and Grigio del Casentino guanciale (cured pork jowl) or with Sienese pecorino, always accompanied French fries. An exceptional burger was invented from the union of Abetone’s Pezzata Rossa meat and a foie-gras escalope. Another mouth-watering dish not is the Maremmano beef sirloin, with roasted potatoes.



Foody Farm selected four types of pig – free-range Maiale Bianco, Cinta Senese, Maiale Grigio from Casentino (that you can find in the menu, at sections “from the Pasture”, “from the Farmyard”, “from the Granary”) and Maiale Nero from  the Maremma region. The tasty wild board from the Maremma region should also not be missed.

Salt-crusted white pork fillet, pork ribs in BBQ sauce, a schiacciata with Nero Maremmano porchetta (a savory, fatty, and moist boneless pork roast), a Cinta Senese burger on a bun with zucchini and yogurt are dishes made for this menu. The tasting of 7 different cold cuts created to sample various flavors of cold meats is not to be missed.



From this typical farm environment, 3 types of chicken have been selected: Toscanaccio, Pollo della Valdichiana, and Bianco livornese. They are used to make classic or more innovative dishes. In addition to egg cooked at 62° served with your choice of various fondues, there is a gluten-free sandwich with chicken and truffles. In the Street Food section, one sweet and savory dish is the pancake with pulled chicken. Let us not forget the fried chicken with a gluten-free bread coating. For the truly insatiable, there is a very unusual chicken tagliata, where the meat, cooked at a low temperature, remains especially tender.



For those who do not like meat, Foody Farm has prepared a vegetarian menu that ranges from fresh salads to tasty soups with legumes or onions up to the most innovative Street Food dishes such as fried ravioli, a vegetable-and-burrata sandwich, or chickpea falafel with black cabbage accompanied by fries. Among the more traditional side dishes offered by Foody Farm is a choice of San Ginese beans, roasted potatoes, or a basket of piping hot, steamed vegetables.

Salads deserve more room, as there is a choice between “small” and “large” and by adding many standard ingredients (carrots, onions, tomatoes, etc.) as well as uncommon ones (pumpkin seeds, bread croutons, sheep’s cheese etc.) to a basic  green salad.



Our pastas come from carefully selected pasta factories that use stone-ground durum wheat and pure water.

The various pasta shapes are served with the sauces most suitable for that shape, creating a perfect combination of taste and flavor.

Various examples include the hand-cut pappardelle with cherry tomatoes and burrata, Maremmano tortelli with pecorino fondue and crispy sage, and chestnut and lemon tortelli with duck sauce and pancetta. Not to be missed are the eastern flavors, like pici with cheese and wasabi, as well as traditional ones, like strozzapreti with sausage and broccoli.



Whether fresh, soft, seasoned, the cheeses from dairies that follow ancient traditions and have maintained this passion.

Foody Farm’s selection of cheeses, available by weight or by portion, includes: 2 pecorino cheeses, 2 goats cheeses, 2 cow cheeses with different stages of aging and 2 marbled cheeses. There is also a burrata of the highest quality produced entirely in Tuscany. With the exception of the burrata, it is possible to taste all the cheeses in sampling box for two people.

With Operation Mani Pulite (Clean Hands), Foody Farm offers an always convenient and obligatory method used for cheeses sold by the weight, making disposable gloves available on the table inside a glass container.



Behind Foody Farm’s quality is its steadfast selection of the best raw materials. This excellence is also sought in the field of sweets, represented by the best desserts from the area’s most famous pastry shops. The restaurant thus ensures the highest quality, entrusting this delicate sector to those who deal only with desserts. In addition to quality, our most faithful and regular customers are offered the possibility of re-discovering well-known flavors that may recall Sunday desserts, acquired from the same pastry shops and enjoyed in family.



Craft beers and renowned wines (virtually all by the glass) deserve special attention. Foody Farm has put together a well thought-out list of wines suitable for each dish on the menu. For proper wine consumption and to avoid waste, any wine remaining in the bottle can be taken home in a specially designed bag. Moreover, for the most demanding, there is the private cellar: a careful selection of greatest labels.